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For my fans of cuban-strength cigars, may I humbly introduce the Joya De Nicaragua Antano 1970, made by Nicaragua's oldest cigar company! Joya de Nicaragua was originally founded in 1964. In the glory days of the 1970s, the brand was arguably the finest in the world, smoked in the White House and prized for its rich flavor. But decades of war and Communist rule in Nicaragua destroyed the brand and decimated the factory - and most of the rest of the country for that matter.

Well, the country has been on the rise again, and fittingly, so is the brand! Responding to the trend toward full-flavored cigars, and looking at its own heritage as a producer of powerful smokes, Joya De Nicaragua is now again a fan-favorite in the cigar world, and received #13 Cigar of 2022 as well as a well-deserved 93-Rating, noting: "The cigar’s steady balance of earth, sweetness and power also remind us of why the house of Joya de Nicaragua has been standing for so long."

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