#1 Selling 2021 Plasencia Private Flights


VERY FEW LEFT IN STOCK: In this flight, you’re getting a beautiful, top-of-the-line cigar sampler from one of the finest companies to ever grace our industry. Each pack comes with 10 Plasencia Cigars for $99.99 - that’s $9.99 per cigar.

This is a brand that offers more $20 cigars than you can shake a stick at- you do the math! If you’re not smiling ear-to-ear when you open your package, send everything back to us for a full refund- however, that ain’t gonna happen! You’re going to love this top of the line factory flight, and that’s a fact, Jack!

Plasencia Cigars are one of the biggest Tobacco Growers and Cigar Manufacturers on the planet. Since 1865, the Plasencia family has been growing premium tobacco for cigars. With over 150 years of tobacco cultivating heritage under their belt, it’s no wonder this brand has been the recipient of so many prestigious awards. Plasencia falls expertly into our “must-try” catagory: they truly do not make a bad cigar!

Plasencia’s blends are 90+ rated everywhere, and they’ve even won #1 Cigar Of The Year with Cigar Snob Magazine! The latest development is that they’ve just made a special cigar exclusively for Davidoff, one of the most prestigious cigar brands of all time. This goes without saying they possess the trust and confidence of the tobacco world, and if you’ve had the pleasure of enjoying a Plasencia- you know exactly what we’re talking about.