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Don Lino

Don Lino Dominican ToroWho the heck is Don Lino? And why have I seen this name on cigars for over 25 years? These are questions that we here a lot and here are the answers to your questions.

Don Lino Dominican cigars were a tribute to the Master-blender at the La Aurora cigar factory when the brand launched in 1989. Don Lino was a well respected member of the Dominican cigar community and Nestor Miranda's friend. Nestor thought it would be cool to name a cigar after his buddy and thus the brand was born.

Don Lino Dominican cigars have been carefully made in the storied La Aurora cigar factory since 1989 (over 25 years). Launched in the US market by Nestor Miranda of Miami Cigar Co., Don Lino quickly became a success and during the great cigar boom of the 90s, established the brand as a great cigar at a great price point. How has the brand survived so long? Simpl: the attention to quality has never faltered and Don Lino Dominican has become a go-to for cigar smokers looking for a mild to medium bodied, smooth, and flavorful cigar.

The Don Lino formula has not changed in the last 25 years. The blend is comprised of Dominican filler and binder tobaccos along with a gorgeous, golden-colored USA grown Connecticut Shade wrapper. You can expect great construction and burn from the long-filler, Don Lino Dominican.

The smoking experience is equally great. It is a wonderfully smooth, flavorful, cigar for those seeking a mild to medium bodied experience. Notes of cedar, cream, and nuts are wonderfully balanced in these great cigars.